2021 needs a 12-team playoff; The state of Michigan, a national threat


Michigan State has an attack capable of competing for a championship in the Big Ten and a running back worthy of the Heisman Trophy discussion.

The 6-0 starts in Mel tuckerThe second season of s could also be worthy of being considered a top 5 team.

The Spartans walked away for a 31-13 victory at Rutgers, where they scored all four touchdowns on plays of 63 or more yards, including a monstrous 94-yard slip by Kenneth walker iii, as another impressive performance by the Spartans in New Jersey was overshadowed by a pair of mid-morning shootouts in the South and Iowa rallying to defeat Penn State in a Top-5 showdown in the aftermath. -midday.

Those games elsewhere were entertaining and will dominate the headlines, but that won’t overshadow the reality: Tucker quickly built a squad capable of fighting for a Big Ten title with a slew of talented transfers, including Walker III, a legitimate contender for the Big Ten. Heisman trophy.

If you didn’t know by now, consider this your introduction, as Tucker is coming for the crown.

MSU doesn’t have a signing win – despite the Miami blowout – but the Spartans never seem challenged, even in close games that typically lead to fourth-quarter strikeouts. They missed and led 14-13 at halftime on Saturday, but put everything back together in the locker room, excluding the Scarlet Knights on the road while outscoring them 17-0 in the second half.

Walker III finished with 233 yards and one touchdown, more than enough to maintain his advantage as the nation’s top running back. Thorne, a former Western Michigan quarterback, threw for a record 339 yards and three career scoring and another player became his favorite target, a storyline that seems to turn week after week. Jalen nailor caught five passes for three touchdowns and 221 yards to break a SHI Stadium record held by Larry fitzgerald.

“You get into those moments where you’re just rolling and every play call that comes in it’s like, ‘Okay, I like that, let’s go, let’s go,’” Thorne said. to journalists. “It comes with preparation throughout the week and being able to look at a defense and say, ‘OK, I know what they’re doing, I know what they’re into. “

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