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Multinational recycling company European Metal Recycling (EMR), headquartered in the UK, has announced that its plastics recycling arm, MBA Polymers UK, has opened a third UK facility at its EMR Duddeston site, in the center of Birmingham. The site will enable UK-based manufacturers to reduce plastic waste from their production lines and ‘buy back’ low-carbon recycled materials, creating a closed-loop supply chain for post-industrial plastics.

EMR formed a joint venture with MBA Polymers in 2008 called MBA Polymers UK, opening a plastics reprocessing facility in Worksop, England in 2010. As of December 2017, EMR has been the sole owner of the MBA recycling facility Polymers to Worksop, after signing a long-term technology license and cooperation agreement with New Jersey-headquartered MBA Polymers Inc., where MBA Polymers has licensed its technology and registered trademark, according to the MBA Polymers website.

With the new site, EMR says MBA Polymers UK will recycle more plastics from new vehicle manufacturing than any other global recycler. According to an independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

The development of the Duddeston site, which is in a former EMR warehouse, is the latest step in the company’s efforts to create a national network to collect more plastic from waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE), automobile load shedding residues (ASR) and post-industrial waste. production.

MBA Polymers UK aims to produce 100,000 metric tonnes of recycled plastic per year by 2030, with Duddeston needing to supply between 13,000 and 15,000 metric tonnes to meet this target.

The site, which cost around $451,500, joins MBA Polymers UK’s original facility in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, and a split line in Dover, and will increase MBA’s process efficiency and reduce material transport wasteful and carbon-intensive, according to EMR.

Paul Mayhew, Managing Director of MBA Polymers UK, said: “The arrival of our company and its innovative recycling processes in the heart of Birmingham is the next exciting chapter in the MBA Polymers UK story.

“Not only will this facility allow manufacturers to join a closed-loop supply chain to recycle their post-production plastics, but the location of this new site will also reduce the transportation needed to get there,” he said. declared.

Mayhew adds, “Duddeston is the final step in our broader strategic goal to create a national network of recycling facilities for post-consumer and post-industrial plastics…”.

He says that by partnering with MBA’s parent company, EMR, companies can provide “a one-stop solution” of a circular supply chain for plastics and metals here in the UK”

Ian Sheppard, Managing Director of EMR, said: “The plastic recycling technology developed by MBA Polymers UK is a game-changer for any business looking to join the circular economy.

“I have been incredibly proud to see how MBA Polymers UK has continued to grow and expand its network of sites over the past few years, and Duddeston is a milestone, helping more companies access MBA Polymers’ recycling service. UK and state-of-the-art low-carbon materials,” he says.

Sheppard adds, “Working together in the coming years, EMR’s metals recycling technology and MBA Polymer’s plastics recycling technology are poised to transform the way post-industrial and post-consumer materials are collected. and used.

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