Deadline Detroit | DePerno urges backers to ‘storm’ Michigan County GOP conventions to bolster his AG essay

(Graphic: Matthew DePerno for Michigan)

Election year tension in Michigan’s Republican Party is surfacing as a hot-headed candidate calls on “Patriots” to “storm the convention” of party delegates in Grand Rapids on April 23.

“There are four easy steps to attend the state convention and ensure your voice is heard in Matt DePerno’s nomination for attorney general,” Portage’s attorney campaign committee said on a website urging donors to attend April 11 party meetings in every county.

(Photo: Twitter/Craig Mauger)

These rallies will confirm delegates to the state convention, where the party will endorse nominees for attorney general, secretary of state and two seats on the Supreme Court. (Voters nominate candidates in other races in a statewide primary on Aug. 2.)

“It’s time for us to take back our Republican Party and our state,” DePerno’s call to action proclaims.

His main rivals for the nomination are State Representative Ryan Berman of Bloomfield Hills and former House Speaker Tom Leonard of DeWitt, who lost his first run for Attorney General to Dana Nessel in 2018 by 112,626. voice.

DePerno promoted the new effort Saturday at a “Save America” ​​rally in Macomb Country, where Donald Trump reaffirmed his support for DePerno, who also spoke. “Each of you delegates need to attend your county conventions,” De Perno said, according to Michigan Advance.

“Donald Trump is still the leader of this party. Here is the continuation of the MAGA [Make America Great Again] movement and we have President Donald Trump to thank for that. »

DePerno signs with the address read “We Are the Storm” and “The Storm Is Coming”, as seen above.

The campaign’s one-page site lists the location of every Republican county convention at 7 p.m. a week starting Monday and suggests, “Running as delegate or alternate. … Delegate is best, but many alternates will be high, so that’s an important position as well.” He’s offering assistance to get to Grand Rapids on April 23.

Dan Wholihan, a Brighton Republican lawyer who chaired the Livingston County party from 2013 to 2018, comments on the strategy in a Twitter thread on Sunday. Its impact “depends on the processes of [each] the county party (how it elects state delegates), logistics (who is willing to go to Grand Rapids), and most importantly who is running for county.

“Another question[s]: how many delegates/alternates present themselves to the GR (how many alternates are high) [and] how many people from DePerno (or Leonard or Berman) are currently precinct delegates?”

According to the State Party’s rules:

Delegates to county conventions held on April 11, 2022, for the purpose of electing delegates and alternates to the endorsement convention, will be the precinct delegates elected in the August 4, 2020 primary election. [and] constituency delegates elected to permanently fill vacancies as of August 13, 2020, November 2020, or
Departmental conventions of January 21, 2021.

A general delegate seat is also available for party office holders who live in the county and “the most recent Republican candidates for state senate, state representative, county, and county commissioners.” .. The number of general delegates will be in addition to the number of delegates specified in the call for county conventions of April 11, 2022.”

If a precinct delegate opening exists or an existing delegate has died, resigned, or moved, each county gathering “may fill that vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term by a majority vote of the precinct delegates present. , provided that the vacancy is filled by a person who is a registered voter residing in the constituency where the vacancy occurs.

Depending on the responses to the “We Are the Storm” calls, the process for approving and nominating Republicans for attorney general will be lively and possibly bumpy. A storm can indeed happen.

(Hats off to Detroit News reporter Craig Mauger, whose Twitter feed on Sunday led to this post.)

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