Do you think you are a good Wordle? This Michigan Town Can Get You Beaten

Wordle and all those little squares sparked countless social media posts, different themed versions popped up (ever tried Lewdle?) and even got so big they got bought by The New York Times.

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Now, because we live in a competitive society, we had to ask ourselves… who is the BEST at it? Let’s break it down.

Has Wordle gotten tougher since The New York Times took over?

When talking about who is the best at something, you must first consider the playing field.

Now people are increasingly wondering since the NYT bought Wordle if they made the game “harder”.

While we love a good conspiracy theory, New York Times general manager of games Jonathan Knight told TODAY: “No, we haven’t made Word harder. Definitely. I’m happy and here to to say it.”

Also, in January, according to TODAY, Wordle actually said at the time that they actually had a word bank of 12,000 five-letter words that could have worked, but they whittled it down to 2 500 to get rid of those who would be too “obscure”. “

When the NYT bought the game, they also eliminated words they thought people would find too difficult, like “agora,” as Knight told TODAY.

Basically, for the average Wordle player, whether or not a word is “too obscure” depends on your own personal vocabulary. Sometimes words that are obvious to others and sometimes it takes all six tries to get it. When I tell you how much I struggled with “vivid” the other day…sheesh.

Harder or not, this Michigan city is the third best in the United States in Wordle

When it comes to which entire country is best at Wordle, that title goes to Sweden, according to an analysis by WordTips, with an average of 3.72 guesses.

The United States actually ranks 18th in the world with our average of 3.92 guesses.

When it comes to Michigan, we’re sitting at an average of 3.97 guesses per game and when we go even further, Michigan’s best city in Wordle is Ann Arbor!

According to WordTips, Ann Arbor is actually the third city in the entire United States for residents with the highest Wordle scores with a combined average of 3.59 guesses, which is lower than that of the entire United States and from Sweden!

How long will Wordle last?

Earlier we talked about how there is a word bank of around 2,500 words (more or less) that have been deemed “winning” for Wordle.

While the game’s viral popularity could (likely) fade before the end of 2022, WordTips says the powers that be at Wordle have enough winning words to last through 2028.

Now, we here in Michigan think they could last even longer if they added these Michigan-specific words to mix it up:

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