Every county in Michigan is now considered to be at high risk for transmission of the coronavirus


Michigan’s 83 counties have been found to be at high risk for coronavirus transmission, according to the latest data from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC has used a four-tier system to assess the risk of community transmission since late July, when rates of positive cases and tests started to climb again across the country. Counties with “high” or “substantial” levels are recommended to hide indoors regardless of their immunization status, while counties with “moderate” or “low” transmission do not necessarily need the same. preventive measures.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 28, the entire state of Michigan fell into the top category, meaning their weekly case rates exceeded 100 per 100,000 population and / or their positive test rates were 10% or more.

Over the past few weeks, the vast majority of the state had been rated as “high” risk, but a few counties would drop to a lower risk level for a few days / weeks at a time. A month ago, there were 20 counties at the “substantial” risk level and one at the “moderate” risk level.

Over the past week, Michigan has reported an average of 2,842 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 28 deaths per day, according to data from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. That’s against 2,110 cases and 20 deaths a day two weeks ago.

The rates of positive COVID tests climbed to 10% in early September, but have since declined slightly to around 9% on average. That’s still higher than the national average, and health officials would prefer that daily average to be less than 5%.

Below is a map showing the transmission level for each county in Michigan based on CDC standards. Red and orange counties indicate high and substantial transmission, while yellow indicates moderate transmission and blue indicates low transmission.

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Across the country, 48 states are high transmission, including Michigan. The exceptions are Connecticut, which has moved to a substantial risk level, and California, which has taken a step closer to the moderate risk level.

About 94.6% of counties nationwide are at high risk (3,046), leaving just 85 at high risk, 62 at moderate risk and 26 at low risk as of Tuesday.

Health officials recommend that all individuals wear a mask indoors in communities with “high” or “substantial” transmission of the coronavirus. Physical distancing, hand washing, and immunization are additional measures to help reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus and developing COVID-19.

The latest case data used by the CDC is September 20-26, and the latest test data is September 18-24. For more up-to-date transmission data, visit CDC’s online COVID data tracker.

To find a vaccine near you, visit Michigan’s COVID-19 vaccine website where to go to VaccineFinder.org.

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