Former Michigan City Mayor Launches Bid for Indiana Senate | Politics


“I believe the protection of Lake Michigan and its tributaries is critical to the future of Indiana,” he said. “If the voters choose to give me the opportunity, I will continue to strive for a standard of excellence for all Indiana Hoosiers.”

Meer lost his candidacy for a third term as mayor by 76 votes after being arrested six days before the 2019 election and charged with six felonies and two counts of intimidation and misconduct related to his alleged behavior in the aftermath of the arrest of a member of his family.

The felony charges were dismissed on August 27, 2020, according to court records, and Meer initially launched a diversion program to deal with the two counts of misinformation.

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But court records show his participation in the diversion program ended after Meer was charged in December 2020 with two new misdemeanors – leaving the scene of an accident and resisting law enforcement – after Meer allegedly stranded a vehicle on November 21, 2020, in Ohio and Henry Streets on the west side of Michigan City.

Proceedings relating to each set of misdemeanor charges are still pending before separate special judges selected by LaPorte Superior Court, according to the records.

Under Indiana law, an elected official convicted of a crime automatically loses office.


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