It’s Michigan’s No. 1 Best County to Retire

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When people reach their golden years, their idea of ​​the perfect place to live often changes. Some retirees might prefer warmer temperatures, while others want a peaceful place to live away from all the chaos. Many factors go into deciding the ideal place to live after retirement. So where is the best place to retire in Michigan? compiled a list of the best counties to retire in Michigan, using a “comprehensive assessment of key factors that are significant for recent or near retirees at the county level.” They add: “This rating takes into account key factors, such as weather, crime rates, residents 65 and older, housing costs and access to amenities such as restaurants, playgrounds. golf, exercise facilities and doctors, in an effort to gauge a neighborhood’s retirement appeal. Looking more closely at their data, other factors included percentage of retirees below the poverty line, low average winter temperature, average winter snowfall, access to golf, and access to grocery stores, for n to name a few. Who would have thought that golf would be such an important deciding factor?

So what’s number 1 in Michigan? According to the study, Leelanau County is the best county to retire to in Michigan. Its population is 21,652 and it has an overall niche rating of an A. The county also earned an A for being “good for retirees”. It’s hard to beat those scores.

After Leelanau, number 2 on Niche’s list was County Roscommon, followed by County Emmet, County Charlevoix and
Gladwin to complete the top five. I have been to a few of these counties and agree that they are in beautiful parts of Michigan. Find the full list here. Where do you think is the perfect place to retire in Michigan? Connect with me on social media and let me know!

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