Mary Cavanaugh announces her candidacy for the Michigan State Senate in the 2022 general election

Michigan State Rep. Mary Cavanagh, D-Redford, announced Monday that she candidacy for Michigan’s new 6th Senate District, which includes the cities of Farmington, Farmington Hills, Redford, Livonia and Northwest Detroit. the primary election for Michigan Senate seats will take place on August 2, followed by the November 8 general election.

In December 2021, the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Approved by the Commission New legislative constituencies. Part of the new maps of Congress, the Michigan Senate Linden the map includes the 6th state senate district. The Commission simultaneously approved the chestnut map to establish Michigan’s new congressional district lines, which determine the areas that congressional candidates represent, and the Hickory map to establish the Michigan House District lines, which determine the areas that candidates for the Michigan House of Representatives represent.

In a February 21 video message announcing her candidacy, Cavanagh highlighted issues she aims to address as a potential senator, including voting rights, access to affordable childcare and increased infrastructure investment. She highlighted how the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the challenges Michigan communities face.

“The cost of healthcare and groceries is simply forcing a lot of us to struggle with debt and make ends meet, not to mention trying to raise a family,” Cavanagh said. “We can and must do more to get real results for families and our future.”

In 2020, Cavanagh was elected at Michigan House as representing of House District 10, which served Redford Charter Township and the Northwest Detroit area. Following new district lines drawn for the Michigan House of Representatives, District 10 will now include the communities of Grosse Pointe, while Districts 16 and 17 will include Redford Charter Township.

Prior to taking office, Cavanagh worked with the service organization US Corps, where she was a full-time tutor and mentor for students at Osborn High School in Detroit. She also previously worked as Project Development Manager for Building a New Beginninga company dedicated to preserving home ownership and revitalizing the community in Wayne County.

Reverend Sherisse Butler, a Detroit-based education reform advocate, endorsed Cavanagh’s candidacy and said she would be a strong voice for the Detroit metropolitan community in Lansing, according to a press release obtained by the Michigan Daily.

“Mary has my full support and approval as we work together to improve the quality of life and access to education, health care and stable housing for children and families in Metro Detroit and Michigan. “, Butler wrote in the press release.

Brian Galdes, the South Redford School District superintendent, also endorsed Cavanagh in the press release, underscoring his belief that Cavanagh will put Michigan teachers, students and parents at the forefront of policy development.

“Mary understands the pressure and stress our public schools are under and will continue to be an outstanding partner to us in the Michigan Senate,” Galdes wrote.

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