Mayor Duane Parry announced appointments to the Michigan City Housing Authority board of directors on Thursday, replacing recently cut members.

The mayor’s office says, “Mrs. Virginia Keeting is a well-respected Michigan City attorney, and former Housing Authority Board Member and current Chair of the City of Michigan Board of Public Works. Ms. Keating will not only bring her experience to this council, but also her expertise in law and municipal management.

“Mr. Michael Vinson is currently a member of the Board of Works and is very thorough in his thinking and objective view of the Michigan City community. He is passionate and concerned in his role as a community leader.

The mayor’s office says Ms Stasi Benning is a well-known member of the community and a longtime resident who has worked in various areas of social services and criminal justice.

They added: “The Stasi brings a commitment of proper procedures and understanding to the council.”

The last appointment mentioned was that of Ms. Tulani Reyna. The mayor’s office said Reyna is “an insurance agent with Jim Erikson State Farm and a dedicated member of the community. Ms. Reyna came forward without hesitation to express her interest in helping all residents of the Housing Authority scheme.

The Mayor said: “I am happy with the current composition of the Housing Authority Board and the new leadership. All members have a vision and purpose to correct past problems and create new direction. As Mayor, I am committed to ensuring that the Housing Authority continues to make progress for our city and our residents.