Mel Tucker Proved Why He’s The Perfect Coach For The State Of Michigan With The Football World Watching Him – The Athletic



EAST LANSING, Michigan – In the days leading up to this game, you couldn’t go anywhere without remembering what to expect. Michigan state hoodies and sweaters were in full swing in local grocery stores. Buses for various pre-game shows crisscrossed campus before settling outside Spartan Stadium – the epicenter of college football this weekend. This city, the one that lives and dies of its Spartans, has rallied to this program. More precisely, the man who runs it.

In a short time in East Lansing, Mel Tucker has become a fixture in this community. A Midwestern guy who started his coaching career in that same program, he has a deep understanding of this college and what its people need from their head football coach. It was interactive, renaming Spartan Stadium as “The Woodshed” and its student section as “The Deep End”. The team we see is everything he said it would be when he took office over 20 months ago – tough, physical, well-conditioned, explosive, balanced and relentless.

In a 37-33 victory over No.6 Michigan on Saturday, Tucker showed the world why he is the perfect man for the job.

“We believe in our process,” Tucker said. “We talked about everything we do from A to Z. We don’t experience anything. It’s all part of our process, and we stick to it. And that translates to gamers. What we say to our players and how we do our business, it really resonates with them. They know we have a plan for them. It’s a winning plan. It is a winning formula. And so they pour in, they buy.


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