Michigan City among top 10 markets for first-time home buyers

Going from renting to owning is a huge leap forward, and a Michigan town landed on the top 10 list for first-time buyers.

With more and more companies offering remote work options, living where you want to live rather than living where you work can open up opportunities for first-time home buyers.

Realtor.com crunched the numbers, focusing on markets that have fewer than 100,000 residents and are within reasonable driving distance of a major metropolitan area. Strong labor markets are part of the equation along with easy access to entertainment and activities.

If that sounds like a suburb of Metro Detroit to you, you’re absolutely right.

Ferndale, Michigan is in the top 10 best markets for first-time home buyers, ranking ninth on the list.

What makes Ferndale so special?

According to National Mortgage News, Ferndale has a “neighborhood, small-town vibe, but it also has big-city, big-city conveniences and conveniences.”

It’s about a 10-minute drive from downtown Detroit, and when it comes to house prices, the city offers a mix of homes at different price points. The website says first-time home buyers can find the best of both worlds because “you can have really affordable homes on one street, and the other luxurious. [homes].

Here are the 10 best cities for first-time buyers, ranked by Realtor.com:

  1. Magna, UT
  2. Chalco, Nebraska
  3. Mauldin, South Carolina
  4. Beech Grove, Indiana
  5. Portsmouth, Virginia
  6. Cottage Grove, Wis.
  7. Grimes, Iowa
  8. Kuna, Idaho
  9. Ferdale, MI
  10. Maitland, Florida

More information about each city can be found on National Mortgage News.

Seven Michigan cities on ‘America’s safest cities’ list

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Seven Michigan townships are on the list of “America’s 100 Safest Cities” and we’re proud to say that two of them are right here in the immediate vicinity.

The information was compiled by SafeWise, using the latest FBI violent crime and property crime data.

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