Michigan City Considering Expanded Scholarship Eligibility | Local News


“There will be a slow number of people leaving Michigan City area schools” if that passes, he said.

City Councilor Paul Przybylinski, D-2nd, said data shows scholarship rules are not having a negative effect on Michigan City-area schools. People attend schools outside of town regardless of the scholarship program.

“As a board member, my obligation is to all residents here in Michigan City, period,” Deuitch said. The potential boost for Michigan City High School is a side benefit.

“When I look at Chesterton, LaPorte and Westville, we are talking about over 150 students that we could get back,” she said. “Maybe we’ll see the tide turn, but we won’t know until we try. “

“I don’t want people to send their children out of town to go to school. I want them here, ”said Deuitch.

“We can argue that the school system is hampered, but it is definitely not the scholarship program,” Przybylinsky said. “Maybe the school system needs to use it as an awareness tool.”

“The premise of the Promise Scholarship was to encourage residency,” said Chairman of the Board Michael Mack, D-3rd. “Funding schools has nothing to do with all of this. “

City councilor Don Pryzbylinski, D-At-Large, was on the board when the program was launched. Even then, he thought it should be expanded to include tenants.


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