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Doug Ross, dossier, the times

MICHIGAN CITY – The CSX crossing on Tilden Avenue has been closed until the railroad makes the necessary repairs.

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“The worst is Tilden Avenue. The Tilden Avenue crossing has been reviewed and we are told the crossing will need a complete reconstruction, ”said Mayor Duane Parry.

CSX agreed to review the crossbreed in April.

Parry said he met with a representative from CSX and found out how complicated the repair would be.

“The track has stabilized, and they’re going to tear off sections of the track and reset the rail,” he said. Even if the rail approaches were corrected, the rails are so low that cars and trucks would bounce when crossing the tracks.

Parry said he recommended waiting for the full rebuild.

The chairman of the works committee, Andrew White, asked if a solid barrier, such as barrels, should be put in front of the crossing. But it could lead to a liability issue if a vehicle hits the barrier, he was told.

Crossing Ohio Street was also difficult. Parry said CSX plans to correct if necessary.

“I would suggest keeping the Ohio Street crossing and putting up additional signage,” Parry said.

The other members of the works council have given their consent.


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