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Michigan City Hall reopens for public meetings | Local News

MICHIGAN CITY – The Town Hall is now reopened to the public, no appointment necessary, following criticism from members of the city council.

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Mayor Duane Parry lifted his previous executive order on Wednesday, declaring that the two-week quarantine following a COVID-19 outbreak at town hall is over.

The action means all city government buildings are now open to the public without an appointment.

Public meetings will be held in person as well as online.

At Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Vice President Angie Deuitch, D-At-Large, and Councilor Sean Fitzpatrick, D-4th, said buildings in the city should be opened.

“I believe everyone has been tested and come back negative,” Deuitch said.

Fitzpatrick made a point of reiterating at every board meeting that he still did not trust Parry, following a no-confidence vote from the board this spring.

Announcing that the buildings are open again, Parry urged residents to take the recent wave of the virus seriously and follow guidelines from the CDC and the Indiana Department of Health.

“Masks, social distancing, good hygiene and avoiding crowds and groups are essential to protect the health and economy of the community,” he said.

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