Michigan City High School celebrates 308 graduates

Michigan City High School’s 27th Annual Graduation Ceremony was held Sunday at the Wolves Den gymnasium, as 308 students graduated from high school.

Michigan City Area Schools Superintendent Barbara Eason-Watkins told the graduates that they are shining examples of what it means to be Michigan City Wolves. She used the word “resilient” to describe this promotion, referring to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few years.

“Through it all, you’ve formed strong bonds with each other,” she said. “You have been through unprecedented times – and you are stronger because you have been through it together.”

Alyssa Shaia, student council president who spoke at the ceremony, used another word to describe her promotion: relentless. “To aim for the top takes fearlessness, individuality and, most importantly, doggedness,” she said.

Shaia said that as a freshman, she told her counselor that her goal was to be at the top of her class and speak at graduation one day. “Here I am today, having done both. When you know what you want, there is – and there should be – no one who can stop you…. Greatness does not favor the exceptional; greatness favors the implacable,” she told fellow graduates.

Class President Samiyyah Agee also spoke at the opening ceremony, reflecting on the graduates’ journey through high school. “We came together as one. We bonded over those four years — we made friends, we made memories, and we built each other’s character,” she said. “Today we celebrate the end of this four year journey that we shared…. We will go our separate ways and begin to follow our own paths, but we will always have the incredible memories we made with each other in Michigan. City High School.

Of the class of 2022 graduates, 31 students graduated with honors and the highest honors, with grade point averages of 4.1 or higher. Eason-Watkins also said the top 10 students all have grade point averages above 4.4.

In addition, 87 students obtained university or technical diplomas with honors. “It means these students maintained high grade point averages in rigorous, specialized courses,” Eason-Watkins said, adding that 18 students received academic and technical honors.

Fifty-one students earned technical certifications in cooking, electrical, construction, automotive, welding, manufacturing, fire science, nursing, and emergency medicine.

Listing in more detail the accomplishments of this class, Eason-Watkins said there were two Lilly Fellowship finalists and students who represented MCHS regionally and nationally in robotics, JROTC, science, foreign languages, music, art, photography, health careers, girls golf, girls and boys athletics and wrestling.

Athletes in the Class of 2022 were on sectional championship teams in women’s golf, volleyball, and a regional championship football team. Of the graduates, seven athletes were named Conference All-Duneland, and one was DAC MVP.

The Class of 2022 at MCHS receives more than $5.6 million in college and athletic scholarships, not including the Promise Scholarship, which many students will receive; eight will continue to serve in the United States Armed Forces.

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