Michigan City Named Best in America to Buy a Fixer-Upper

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

The housing market has been on a hot streak lately, due to rising interest rates and various other factors, so if you’re looking to buy a fix it can be daunting. That said, a few cities in the United States are great places to buy a repairman, and one of them is in Michigan. In fact, a city in Michigan is the best in the whole country to buy a repairman.

StorageCafe.com has put together a study to determine the best places to buy a repairman in America. “However, finding a house with good studs is not the easiest task and it very much depends on where you are looking to buy,” they say. “Some places make it much harder than others to turn your home buying journey into a success story like those featured in Chip and Joanna Gaines’ ‘Property Brothers’ or ‘Fixer Upper’.”

Regarding the methodology, StorageCafe.com states that “by analyzing 61,200 active single-family listings on the Point2 home search website, we ranked the 50 most populous cities based on several metrics including price , the number of active ads to be repaired, the size of the houses. and batch size. We’ve also factored in self-service storage costs and inventory, as the service is generally useful both during a repairman’s renovation process and afterwards, because repairmen are generally smaller ( 1,400 square feet on average vs. 1,900 square feet on average). avg. in standard houses). Through all of the research, the publication was able to find out which markets are “most favorable to homebuyers looking for repairers, both in terms of availability and affordability.”

So which Michigan city is the best in America to buy a repairman? Read on for the top 10 markets, including Michigan’s No. 1 pick. I expect you to hop on Zillow afterward and look for a repair project. Find the full list of all cities here.

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