Michigan City Police Department Releases 2021 Uniform Crime Report

The Michigan City Police Department has released its year-end totals for Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR). The UCR is a nationwide cooperative statistical effort of more than 18,000 municipal, university and college, county, state, tribal and federal law enforcement agencies voluntarily reporting crime data to their attention.

Michigan City Police say the overall crime rate is up 0.10%.

The total number of service calls increased from 41,522 in 2020 to 37,355 in 2021, but the MCPD saw an increase in completed reports from 5,088 to 5,767 in 2021.

The total number of arrests made in 2021 also increased from 1,579 (2020) to 1,963 (2021).

Violent crime was down 0.33% from a year ago, citing a decrease in stabbings (-2), non-fatal shootings (-5), attempted murders (-1), homicides (-2), robberies with weapon/bodily harm (-1), engaged battery with deadly weapon (-5), aggravated battery (-8), engaged domestic battery with deadly weapon (-1) and criminal recklessness-weapon deadly (-6). High call volume areas include Elston Grove (1,897 service calls), Eastport (2,832 service calls) and Westside (1,002 service calls).

The MCPD saw an increase in total gunshot calls from 387 to 399 in 2021. Firearms offenses saw the largest increase at 22.78% in Michigan City. The offenses with the greatest increase were carrying a handgun without a license (+16), possession of a firearm by a serious violent criminal (+4) and possession of a firearm with serial number modified (+3). The MCPD says it also saw two cases involving the possession of a machine gun and one for the use of a located machine gun in 2021. The MCPD did not see any cases involving a machine gun in 2020.

According to the MCPD, drug-related crime continues to be a problem and has increased by 10.63%. Possession of Meth (L6 Felony) saw the largest increase from 31 (2020) to 47 (2021) with Possession of Marijuana (B-Misd.) increasing by 15 cases. Trafficking offenses increased by 10 cases from a year ago, 9 of which resulted in an arrest. The Michigan City Police Department saw a significant drop in crimes against the person (down 5.75%), sex offenses (down 10.52%) and property crimes (down 4 ,14%). See the highest drops in Battery (A-Misd.), Sexual Misconduct with a Minor (L5 Felony), and Theft Under $750 (A-Misd.) in those respective categories.

Government Interference and Traffic Violations increased in 2021. Government Violations Interference increased by 4.29%, with the largest increase coming from Law Enforcement Resistance A- Misd. (+21). While driving offenses have seen a dramatic increase of 14.69% with significant increases in driving without a C-Misd license. (+21), Leaving the scene of an accident with property damage B-Misd. (+34), Running while intoxicated C-Misd. (+25) and A-Misd Intoxicated Exploitation. (+21).

The MCPD said, “Chief Campbell strongly advocates a deliberate and collaborative effort between elected officials, law enforcement and community members. Each component must work together seamlessly for our city to provide a high quality of life and a sense of security for all citizens.

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