Michigan City will give you thousands of dollars to move there

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Living in Michigan is pretty big, if you ask me. We have all seasons, and while I could do without winter, there’s something special about early spring, and it’s something you just wouldn’t experience in a warmer climate. That said, now a town in Michigan is actually paying people to move there — and they might pay you.

Fortune.com has compiled a list of a few small towns across America that have a strong incentive for people to move there. “There’s something romantic about living in a small town,” they state in the article. “Imagine living out a Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow fantasy where the restaurant owner in town knows your coffee order. As more companies offer fully remote positions, people are packing up and leaving town to pursue small-town life.

The publication adds that a group of “smaller townships and cities across the country are looking to incentivize knowledge workers to move, rewarding them with cash, tax breaks and even goods. These programs are an attractive option. for people who cannot afford the real estate prices in major metropolitan areas.

One city in Michigan is on the list, and that’s Southwest, Michigan. According to Fortune.com, the southwestern part of the state is less than 200 miles from Chicago and “known for its scenic Lake Michigan beaches and large dunes visible from space.” The estimated value of the incentive is $15,000. As for who qualifies, it’s full-time remote workers who work for an employer outside of Michigan. The package, according to the publication, is a $10,000 mortgage incentive “For those who move and buy a home worth at least $200,000. An additional $5,000 stipend will be offered if a candidate’s child is enrolled in a local public school. How amazing is that? Check out the full story via Fortune.com here.

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