Michigan County electoral fraud report “baseless”


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A report part of a lawsuit against Antrim County, Mich. Says the county’s quickly corrected election night vote count problem was not due to human error, as said state, but rather intentional electoral fraud. It’s wrong; The Michigan Secretary of State called the allegations “baseless” and the company that supplied the vote tabulation machines denied the allegations.

“The Dominion’s voting system is intentionally and deliberately designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results,” Dec. 13, 2020 report filed under the Case.

Screenshot of a report in a Michigan court case regarding voter fraud, taken on December 21, 2020

Electrical outlets Newsmax, Era and Gateway expert legitimized and spread the false claims, and social media users shared the report’s findings as fact here and here.

The report cites a “large and fatal error rate” of over 68%, claiming that Dominion Voting Systems “intentionally generates an extremely high number of ballot errors”, leading to “the bulk auctioning of ballots. without oversight, transparency and audit trail.

In November, articles shared thousands of times on social media claimed that a reporting error from County Antrim – which temporarily incorrectly attributed Donald Trump’s votes to President-elect Joe Biden – posed a systemic risk for dozens of counties in the state of the battlefield.

The Michigan Secretary of State’s office issued a note explaining that the problem was the result of user error, not a software glitch, and did not affect election results or other counties or states.

Michigan turned blue in 2020, adding his 16 electoral votes to Biden’s total, but Trump by an overwhelming majority won County Antrim.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Attorney General Dana Nessel issued a joint statement addressing the claims in the December report.

They agreed to release the audit “in order to demonstrate that the” report “is in fact another in a long series of false, vague and questionable claims designed to erode public confidence in the November presidential election.” , according to their press release.

Benson said, “There is still no evidence of widespread fraud, as state and federal agencies have claimed, including Attorney General William Barr, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

“If the Trump campaign had real evidence of wrongdoing – or genuine suspicion – they could have called for a manual recount of every ballot in the state. They didn’t, instead they chose to allow obscure organizations claiming expertise to launch baseless fraud allegations in an effort to mislead American voters and undermine integrity. of the election, ”she said.

“Their actions are a corruption of the courts and the rule of law, as the release of today’s report makes clear.”

Nessel added: “Often a party will engage an expert witness to substantiate the conclusion the party wants or needs to reach. That’s why we give other parties to a lawsuit a chance to remove the expert and challenge their qualifications in court.

“Anyone can have an opinion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the opinion is based on facts or science. “

Dominion voting systems also have rejected the claims, describing the company that produced the report as a “biased and not independent organization” and the audit itself as “seriously flawed”.

“The claims made in the report are technologically impossible. Dominion machines do not – and could not – “switch” or enable “switching” of votes. A manual count of the ballots as well as a review by a federally accredited and independent voting system test laboratory (VSTL) will confirm this fact, ”the company website says.

And “Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos refuted the findings of the sworn report to the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee,” it says.

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