Michigan County GOP censors Senate Republicans who found no evidence of voter fraud



The Macomb County, Michigan Republican Party voted Thursday to censor three GOP state senators whose investigative panel found no evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Macomb County is the third most populous county in the state.

The party’s executive committee unanimously voted to censure Senators Ed McBroom, Lana Theis and John Bizon. The three senators served on a Senate oversight committee that released a June 2021 report concluding that there had been no fraud in the November 2020 election in the state.

The county’s GOP executive committee reportedly censored senators for a section of the report that called on Democratic state attorney general Dana Nessel to consider investigating the people who pushed false allegations of voter fraud in order to “Raise funds or publicity for their own purposes”, The Detroit News reported. Nessel agreed to do so.

The Macomb County GOP voted to censure three Republican senators who filed a report finding no evidence of voter fraud in the state’s 2020 presidential election. In this photo, Republican solicitor Anthony Markwort (left) and Democrat Ted Dawson (right) examine ballot tab strips on November 4, 2020 in Mason, Michigan.
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While the report does not include the identification of those making false statements, it does mention attorney Matthew DePerno. DePerno, who is currently running for state attorney general, has tried unsuccessfully to request an independent audit of election results in County Antrim. A tabulation error in the county initially showed then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won. However, a new tab placed Republican President Donald Trump as the big winner.

Since the election, DePerno has made allegations that electronic vote tampering and “ballot stuffing” occurred in the county. He also claimed the Michigan Secretary of State was instrumental in voter fraud. He created an “Election Fraud Defense Fund” which raised $ 398,260.

The misrepresentation profit section of the report angered the Macomb County GOP executive committee. Mark Forton, the county party chairman, said the branch opposes free speech protections under the Constitution’s First Amendment, which allow people to challenge elections.

“It was written so that you could question your government at any level, without worrying about it coming after you,” Forton said.

Asked about the County GOP’s no-confidence vote against him, McBroom told the aforementioned post, “I’m not going to worry too much about this. I’m not running in Macomb County.” He represents Vulcan, an unincorporated community in Dickinson County, nearly 500 miles from Macomb County.

The Senate Oversight Committee that McBroom served on drew up its report after hundreds of hours of investigation by Senate staff, a review of thousands of subpoenaed documents, and 28 hours of committee testimony of nearly 90 people. , The Detroit News reported.

Although the committee found no evidence of electoral fraud, it made several recommendations for future elections. He recommended allowing county clerks to remove the deceased from the lists of qualified voters, opposed the massive mailing of nominations from absent voters, and urged the Michigan Bureau of Elections to investigate the issues. that limited the recruitment of Republican polling officers and the challenges of the ballot in Detroit and Wayne counties, the publication says.

Trump lost the 2020 election by more than seven million popular votes and 74 electoral votes. Trump’s own attorney general and the federal election security chief both said there was no evidence the fraud affected the election outcome.

Nonetheless, Trump, the Republican Party and others continue to make groundless claims that an unprecedented nationwide conspiracy of voter fraud “stole” the election from him.

News week contacted DePerno for comment.


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