Michigan County May Set New Standard for Election Transparency


OTTAWA COUNTY, Michigan – As some still try to cast doubt on the 2020 election, local officials hope to allay lingering concerns. In Ottawa County, they are making a concerted effort to give the public a close look at the electoral process.

We were getting so many calls from voters who legitimately had a lot of questions about the process and we wanted to be as open and transparent as possible and just lay out the facts about how this election went, ”said Justin, Clerk. from Ottawa County. Roebuck told FOX 17.

Each county in Michigan is required to conduct a post-election audit, but it is not required to make the process public.

This year, Roebuck and the Ottawa County Election Team made the switch themselves.

On Monday, their office published a detailed report full of facts and figures, which guides readers through the step-by-step process of counting the ballots and auditing them at the county level.

County of Ottawa

An excerpt from the Ottawa County Election Audit Report.

Each section provides a note by letter for how they have done and the areas they are looking to improve in the future.

“Our goal was to simplify things and make them as transparent as possible,” said Roebuck.

“I also hope voters realize that 250 of these audits were conducted in the state of Michigan and that overall the results were very similar,” he added. “From the point of view of the security of our electoral process, I think voters can be confident. “

The report could set a new standard for how local election officials can provide more transparency in the electoral process.

“Election officials are certainly not perfect, it’s a human process. So I think what’s also important is that voters see the record of us looking at those mistakes and correcting them to move forward, ”Roebuck said.

“I am encouraged by this report, but I hope we can also get other communities to join us,” he added.

To read the full report, Click here.

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