Michigan County residents receive water filters after water advisory

Ferndale, Michigan water customers with lead service lines to their homes will receive free water filter kits.

Ferndale, Michigan, water customers with lead service lines to their homes will receive free water filter kits after a city water advisory.

The Oakland County Health Division provided the kits, which were available at a drive-thru Oct. 28 at the Kulick Community Center.

“The quality of our drinking water is vital to the health of our residents,” Oakland County Executive David Coulter (D-Royal Oak) said in the news release. “Oakland County stands ready to support our local communities by helping them comply with lead rules, by distributing NSF certified water filters.”

According to the city, there are 10,031 service connections in the city and approximately 3,000 were made with lead or lead-containing materials.

Five of 31 water samples taken this fall from properties with lead service lines had lead levels over 15 ppb which triggered an action level advisory put in place in 2019 by the Department of Health. Environment, Great Lakes and Energy of Michigan (MEGLE).

Ferndale will begin replacing at least 7% of lead service lines per year.

According to City Manager Joseph Gacioch, a presentation for an Oct. 2 city council meeting will provide a summary review of water testing from EGLE and the state Department of Health and Human Services on the testing program. Guidance will also be offered to homeowners with lead service lines and what they can do, the city reported.

In recent years, other cities such as Royal Oak, Birmingham, Oak Park and Hazel Park have issued similar water advisories.

“The city’s water supply has not changed and is safe,” Gacioch said. “Testing has changed with extended testing and the long-term solution is to replace lead service lines.”

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