Michigan State favorite Conrad’s Grill will land in Champaign

A Michigan State staple will move to Green Street this spring.

Conrad’s Grill, which specializes in late-night wraps filled with tater tots, will open in a freestanding building in Third and Green later this year, according to the commercial realtor Guth & Associates, which brokered the deal.

Its menu has dozens of combinations, including wraps with chicken fillets, grilled chicken, steak, and vegetarian options. Customers can order standard designs or create their own. Some of the restaurant’s signature dishes are the breakfast wraps, which feature a mix of options including sausage, bacon, eggs, and cheese.

“Fried potatoes in a tortilla shell might not sound special, but legions of Spartan alums swear by the combo,” wrote Chicago’s online Eater magazine, which in preview the opening of the restaurant there in 2018. (He also reported on the closure of the Chicago Wicker Park neighborhood in December 2021.)

Photo via Conrad’s Grill on Facebook.

It’s not often that we report new restaurants arriving in Campustown. Many of them are fairly inaccessible to the general public, or they are a carbon copy of something else that already exists in Campustown.

But Conrad’s Grill is different. For one, it was born in a college town — the chain now operates two locations in East Lansing, where it was founded by a former Michigan State student in 2007.

The University of Illinois wasn’t the first option for the Big Ten campus expansion — there’s already a location on University of Wisconsin’s Main Street (State Street in Madison), which opened before the pandemic in the winter of 2020. The company is doubling its university locations for its expansion plans.

Second, it is located in a building that has its own parking lot, just off Green Street. It’s something of a rarity, and it’s a bit more likely that those who don’t live or work in the neighborhood might visit.

The location has been a lot of things in the past, mostly fast casual restaurants. More recently it was a Wingin Out. It also housed Niro’s Gyros and a hot dog joint if memory serves.

There is no timetable yet for the opening of Conrad’s Grill in Champaign. Learn more about Conrad’s Grill online: website Where instagram.

Guth and Associates has announced that Conrad’s Grill, originally from East Lansing, will move into Champaign’s Green Street this year. Picture via Facebook

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