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Sorry for the delay, everyone! here is your state of michigan potluck predictions.

There are a lot of people of Dutch descent in Michigan, as you probably know. This is especially true in West Michigan, where there are many “van Somethings” and also Calvinists. But it’s a potluck, so instead of focusing on the thorny theological issue of predestination, let’s bring some carbs to this party. Luckily, Dutch culture lives on in Michigan through many bakeries, all proudly dubbed “the best Dutch bakery.”

There are Boonzaaijer Bakery in Kalamazoo, Steenstra Royal Dutch Bakery in Granville, byBoer Bakkerij in Holland, and Van’s Pastry in Grand Rapids. Most of these bakeries have been around for generations and not only serve Dutch specialties, but donuts as well. Because it turns out that maybe we have the Dutch to thank for the “American” donut. Early Dutch settlers brought “oliebollen” or “olykoeks” (or, more accurately, “oil balls” or “oily cakes”) with them to today’s New York. Many cultures have fried dough, so it’s doubtful the Dutch get all the credit here, but they seem to be the most like who we are today:

Perhaps only God could have foreseen what delicacies these olykoeks would end up becoming, but we’re glad they’re here.

So, writers and readers:

1. Are there any local bakeries or donut shops in your area that deserve a shoutout?

2. What do you think of the gourmet donut craze – you know, donuts with several strips of bacon or half a box of cereal on top?

3. What is your favorite donut?

misdreavus79: There are two -Georgetown Cupcakes, which is not local to MA, of course, and Gerardo’s Italian Bakery, Which one is. I’ve eaten both, and the cupcakes from the first are quite delicious, and the wholemeal cakes from the second are some of the best non-Dominican cakes I’ve ever eaten.

If you’re looking for a Dominican cake, which IMHO you should, it costs a dime in NY and MA, there’s a couple in the Lawrence area where live all Dominicans. I haven’t tried any of the local varieties unfortunately, so I can’t make a recommendation, but in New York, uh, I ordered them from my friend’s mom, so I guess I can’t make a recommendation no more ! Go straight forward…

When it comes to gourmet donuts, or really anything gourmet, my policy is simple: if there are people out there willing to pay you money for random shit, you’re gonna sell that random shit. to people!

NWM: While in Grand Rapids (it seems like we talk more about GRR than EL when you’re doing Sparty Week, well), I went to Van’s Pastry Shoppe and had a nice donut. I haven’t tried their frozen fat balls, however, if I remember the name correctly. I just had a cream-filled donut. It was really good. And they are Dutch, I bet!

In the Twin Cities, while a number of these kinds of donut shops have popped up, there’s something to be said for a place that just gets the damn pastry. It’s not unlike a craft beer: while your imperial vanilla bourbon barrel java mocha imperial stout can be curious and boozy and whatever else, I’m automatically wary of add-ons. A box of cereal on top of your donut is like having to put passion fruit in your white beer without letting me try your white beer first: what are you hiding? Instead, a local chain that does quality work is Wuollet. It’s 5 minutes from our place, I get a caramel pecan roll, the wife gets a chocolate croissant, we both go home happy.

CSR: I’m a fan of The donut trap going back to his donut food truck and Sunrise Donuts days in Bloomington, for different reasons. Sunrise is your collection of boring traditional donuts and they’re all awesome. Meanwhile, Donut Trap is the cereal/bacon/creative stuff and they’re… yeah, I need a minute here because I just started drooling a bit. If you want a donut that I’m not always a fan of, that would be the cat I inherited from my family who can be a biting asshole once in a while. Independent when she wants to be, aggressive and ridiculous. Solid cat, exceptional name of Kid2.

Type of…: Living near Philadelphia means I’m not that far from the greater Lancaster area and the Pennsylvania Dutch presence. Who we all know have never been Dutch. But, like the legit Michigan Dutch, they make great donuts (and fly pie). I mean, if you’d rather eat junk, be my guest, but yeah, old-fashioned donuts are where it’s at.

To a limited extent, I participated in this donut craze, so I would be hypocritical to criticize it too much. That said, the maple glaze is about as radical as I get. And, honestly, if all you have to offer is a traditional donut sprinkled with sugar, I’d gladly accept with a big smile on my face. Donuts are great.


What’s your donut of choice?

  • 12%
    A nice donut of cake, maybe a little frosting or sprinkles if I’m feeling frisky.

    (15 votes)

  • 5%
    A nice lifted donut, maybe a bit of frosting or sprinkles if I’m feeling frisky.

    (7 votes)

  • 23%
    Something filled with custard would be tasty.

    (29 votes)

  • 9%
    Something filled with jam would be tasty.

    (12 votes)

  • ten%
    Give me one of those maple things.

    (13 votes)

  • 9%
    How about a nice bear claw?

    (12 votes)

  • 0%
    More of a chocolate croissant cat, myself.

    (1 vote)

  • 12%
    I would go for a Long John, thanks.

    (15 votes)

  • 5%
    Give me half a pound of bacon on some je ne sais quoi.

    (7 votes)

  • 0%
    I’ll take a whole box of cereal on the donut, thank you.

    (1 vote)

  • 1%
    A… uh… a cupcake?

    (2 voices)

  • 0%
    Something different, which I’ll tell you about in the comments.

    (1 vote)

  • 4%
    I’ll take the biting asshole cat, actually.

    (6 votes)

121 voices in total

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It’s prediction day, which I’m personally very excited about because it means I don’t have to think about MSU football anymore. After recording an incredible 11-2 last season, how will Sparty fare this season?

Fortunately for them, Purdue is not on the program this year! That sounds like a pretty manageable schedule to me – maybe not 11-2, as it took some luck, but Sparty has room for a good year, culminating in everyone’s favorite laser game!

So, writers and readers:

What will MSU’s record be this year? Don’t forget to show off your work!

misdreavus79: A few more!

Mel Tucker is 2-0 against Michigan, so I’m being pretty generous with the Wolverines when I put them in the “could lose” category here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michigan State manages to beat them again. Likewise, it took a near-miracle to get the win over Penn State at home, so I don’t expect them to replicate that magic again on the road.

The rest is quite simple. Sweep the last teams, win your home games and with enough luck you can repeat 10-2. I don’t expect such luck two years in a row, so I go with it 8-4.

NWM: Kalen DeBoer actually went to the trouble of doing good things at Fresno State (and even Indiana!), so even without his quarterback, it would depend on who the Huskies QB was——HOOBOY A L ‘LOOK WE HAVE FOUND OUR PENIX.

So… uh… is Penix going to be healthy? Because if so, pay attention to September 17th. The Huskies bring back a number of WRs, but we’ll have to see if the Penix “500” passing style proves successful against a leaky Sparty secondary. Penix had a day in the Battle of Ol’ Brassy in 2019, although a lot has changed since then (including that I don’t see Whop Philyor on the Huskies roster).

Get back to me on the UW game… but otherwise? I’m not that optimistic on Sparty. Questions to the running back and my own disbelief that Payton Thorne’s Rock Hard Nipples might actually be a decent quarterback got me…um…

Well, I convinced myself that Sparty won a shootout on the Sound, then dropped a pair in the quagmire of pre-Michigan games: as they get ¾ of them home, a decently rested Goldy, Terps dashing and back- Ohio State and Wisconsin could be tough. It’s a pretty brutal five-game streak, all things considered. Victory over Michigan is automatic, naturally, and barring a rush on the Illinois-Rutgers-Indiana track, Michigan State could be set up for a NY6 play-in against Penn State.

That said, there are three losses in there. They’re all in conference, but they mean it’s probably a trip to the Outback Bowl (or whatever it is now) for Sparty. Let’s say 9-3 (6-3 B1G).

CSR: I’m more bullish on Sparty than I thought, but this timeline really helps. 9-3, 6-3 B1G. Losses for Ohio State, Penn State and Minnesota, because why not?

Type of…: Like MNW, this game with Washington looks… interesting. And B1G teams heading west are usually a recipe for comedy, but, yeah, I think MSU will get away with it.

I usually try to be specific and specify wins and losses, but, man, there are five games where I’m like “maybe?” I’m going to say 8-4 (5-4) while noting that Tucker pointed things out in such a way that this will count as a “low” season.

BoilerUp89: I’ll go with 9-3 with losses to OSU, Michigan and PSU. Because that’s what I want to happen in MSU’s crossover games and what I think will happen in their divisional games.


Michigan State in the Big Ten?


State of Michigan as a whole?

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