Michigan State Police are part of multi-state efforts focused on I-94


Michigan State Police will join a commercial vehicle-focused multi-state law enforcement effort on I-94.

Operation “Eyes on 94” begins Monday December 6 and continues until Friday December 10. Michigan State Police soldiers will be joined by officers from Indiana, Ohio and Illinois to fight commercial vehicle offenses.

Commercial vehicles are defined as a fleet of vehicles, company cars or other vehicles used for business, transporting goods or people, according to Wikipedia.

Law enforcement officials in each state will focus on offenses committed by commercial drivers that could result in an accident. According to a statement from the Michigan State Police, these activities include speeding, following too closely, distracted driving, incorrect overtaking, improper lane use.

Why does he always feel like the worst drivers are on the road with you when there are no law enforcement officers around? Hopefully a few of those drivers will be pulled off the road during this effort.

The I-94 has been the scene of many accidents. The most famous happened in 2015, when 193 stacked vehicles made national news. The pile-up involved 117 vehicles and 76 semi-trailers

Last February, a driver filmed stressful footage of an evening commute nightmare. The video showed jacked-up semi-trailers in exit medians, pieces of concrete barrier laying the road, with overturned vehicles strewn about.

Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Law Enforcement Division Commander Captain Arnold said Operation Eyes on 94 will increase awareness of law enforcement in the highway area that is prone to weather accidents involving commercial vehicle drivers at this time of year.

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