Michigan State USBC opens in Livonia – The Morning Sun

OPENING team of the MS USBC OPEN tournament this weekend and at least two local teams will be competing!

2022 USBC City MP Tournament Schedule: First Full Week of March

From Tuesday March 8 to Friday March 11. (Regular Tuesday-Thursday night leagues will not play.)

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are TEAM events (OPEN division: 5-person teams, Women’s division: 4-woman teams)

Thursday and Friday are singles and doubles. (If lanes are available, some S&Ds could be scheduled for Wednesday.)
All teams start at 6:30 p.m., with a 10-minute warm-up starting at 6:20 p.m.
* For singles and doubles, your doubles division (OPEN or women) also determines your singles division.
* If you are registered in TEAM and S&D, you can choose to participate in All-Events which combines your scores by TEAM, singles and doubles in a separate ALL-Events OPEN or women’s prize list. To participate, all scores must be from the Women’s Division or the OPEN Division…not possible to combine separate divisions.


2021-2022 STATE Tournament Destinations (Women, OPEN and YOUTH.) The new OPEN online registration system is now closed. (Women’s online registration will close on February 4.) To participate after closing, submit hard copies of the entry form (complete ALL information). There are additional charges.
* 119th Annual MS USBC OPEN State Tournament, Livonia & Westland, weekends February 5-May 8. Visit website: MS USBC – www.michiganstateusbc.com for more details. Questions: Contact the MS USBC office directly at 616/635-2032.
* 95th Annual MS USBC Women’s State Tournament, Muskegon, weekends Feb. 19-May 8 (except overtime)
Visit the website: MS USBC – www.michiganstateusbc.com for more details. Questions: Contact the MS USBC office directly at 616/635-2032.
* 40th Annual MS USBC YOUTH State Tournament, Bay City (Monitor & Alert Lanes), March 12-April 24 (except overtime). All weekends currently open. Contact Becky Pope (989/506-6299) for registration forms and additional details. The reserved registration deadline has passed. FINAL application deadline: February 16, 2022 Website: MS USBC – www.michiganstateusbc.com

Northern Michigan Tournaments
* Annual Northern Michigan Women’s Championship, Traverse City, March 5-27, additional details pending. If you are interested in bowling during one of these weekends in March, contact Pam, (231) 947-2610 x 306 at Lucky Jack’s.
* Annual Northern Michigan OPEN Championship, Traverse City, April 10-May 23, some details are still pending. Contact Pam, (231) 947-2610 x 306 at Lucky Jack’s for any weekend during the upcoming spring tournament. MP USBC Reserved Weekend: April 30/May 1 – Locally, contact Dave Lewis (989/560-8009) to reserve entry for your team. The distributed TEAM reservation sheet has filled our quota of 16 teams. I’ll see if I can add two more spots…

Adult National Tournaments

USBC OPEN Championships in Las Vegas, NV (March 12-July 16)

TEAM, D&S, and All-Events include three divisions based on skill level. (All averages are converted to a sport average to determine skill level). Regular Division, 176 and over, Standard Division 156-175 and Classified Division, for 155 or under. Dave Lewis may still have openings for Saturday/Sunday April 23-24, 2022. Call him!

USBC Women’s Championships near me
Addison, Illinois (April 24 to July 10)

Each year, more than 16,000 bowlers compete in the USBC Women’s Championships, the largest women’s participatory sporting event in the world.

The tournament is the highlight of the season for female USBC members. A vacation and/or an opportunity to participate in one of the most prestigious tournaments in sport.

The event has four divisions for TEAM competition and six divisions for doubles, singles and all events.

Visit the BOWL.COM website: (www.bowl.com) for news or search for the following topics:
*Registration open for 2022 Super Senior Classic and USBC Senior Masters, future years announced
* Frank Snodgrass leads, PTQ completes the field for US Open 2022
* Chris Via set to defend his title at the upcoming US Open 2022
* College Ticker – January 26, 2022

Local notable:
In the Mid-MI Travel League, Sunday, 1/23/2022, at Sheridan Lanes in Sheridan, Brett Marquiss, bowling for Northern Lanes (Sanford), recorded his second career 300 in his sixth of six games of the day. After shooting 269-248-276/793 in his first set, Brett then shot “only” 223-227-300/750!

Well done, Brett, certainly, well done indeed!

Mount Pleasant USBC – Serving all communities in central Michigan. (MORE THAN 60 different Central Michigan cities are represented among our 2020-2021 active bowlers.)

See you “on the slopes” at Riverwood during the 2021-2022 season.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Mid-Michigan finds its bowling needs at Riverwood, Gateway and Pins!

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