Representative Fred Upton: Michigan County GOP censors Republican Congressman for voting against Marjorie Taylor Greene


Cass County GOP voted to pass resolution saying vote to remove Georgia Republican Greene from its committees was an “attack” on first-year lawmaker for not being “afraid to speak out “, adding that his comments, which include hinting at his support for political violence and the promotion of savage conspiracy theories,” have not been out of step with anyone else’s, ” Detroit News reports.

“We believe Congressman Upton’s vote is a betrayal of his oath and the core values ​​of the Cass County Republican Party,” the resolution reads, according to The Detroit News.

Upton said in a statement that he is maintaining his vote.

“Really? She mocked a survivor of a school shooting in Parkland, argued the California wildfires were started by a Jewish space laser, accused Democrat politicians of having led a pedophile ring out of a pizza place and asked if 9/11 really happened, ”Upton said. “Does the GOP Cass really think someone like that represents Republican values ​​and should sit on the education committee? ”

He added: “I have been on this committee and met survivors of the Columbine School shooting. Since then I have met survivors of the Parkland School shooting and Sandy Hook and heard all about them. their personal stories. She shouldn’t be on the education committee, and Congress was right in removing her, period. “

Upton’s censorship comes as several Senators and Representatives, including Republican House Rep. 3 Liz Cheney and Senator Pat Toomey, have been or are facing reprimands from their states parties in recent weeks, highlighting the divide between the pro-Donald Trump forces of the GOP and its establishment wing in the wake of the November election – as well as the degree of influence Trump continues to wield over the party.

Upton has represented Michigan’s 6th Congressional District, which includes Cass County and five other counties in the southwestern region of the state, since 1987. The Cass County GOP and President Mark Howie did not immediately responded to a request for comment from CNN.

This is the second time in several weeks that the body has censored Upton. The local party adopted a resolution at the end of January censor Upton for his impeachment vote Trump for “inciting insurgency” following deadly January 6 riot on Capitol Hill. Upton was one of 10 Republicans in the House who voted in favor of Trump’s historic second impeachment.
The House voted earlier this month to remove Greene from his posts on education and labor committees following inflammatory and violent comments recently uncovered by the Georgian lawmaker that sparked a widespread backlash from Democrats and divided Republican lawmakers. Greene has repeatedly indicated her support for the execution of prominent Democratic politicians in 2018 and 2019 before being elected to Congress, and articles have surfaced showing that she agrees with comments calling the shooting The 2018 Parkland School of Operation Under the False Flag.

Eleven House Republicans, including Upton, crossed party lines to vote for Greene’s impeachment.


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