Six lots for a Michigan City subdivision | Local news


Michigan City Hall

Doug Ross, dossier, The Times

MICHIGAN CITY – A six lot subdivision is proposed on a 2.25 parcel next to the Weil-McLain factory on Blaine Street.

Lawyer Barry McDonnell reviewed the plans with the Planning Commission. Lake & Blaine LLC had previously obtained approval to rezone the plot from manufacturing to residence.

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“These are generously sized Sheridan Beach lots, which will make it easier to build them,” he said. The lots are 50% larger than required by the zoning ordinance.

The six lots will not fill the entire plot. A second phase would require more work, including haggling for access to back lots, sewer lines, easements and more, McDonnell said.

A traffic study would be needed if the second phase has four or more lots, as a study is required when there are 10 or more lots in a planned subdivision, said planning director Skyler York. Almost half of Blaine Street would be included in this plan. Sidewalks would also be needed.

“The six lots, in general, would be the fruit at hand,” he said. “It might take a while before we get back to you for that southern part. “

The developer has not decided what to do with these southern lots. Mulligan Street could be extended, or the lots could not even be developed. Perhaps the city will want to install a ski lift station there.


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