The average snowfall totals for each county in Michigan

Have you ever wondered where the snowfall is the heaviest here in the state of Michigan?

Michigan has 83 different counties, and mother nature doesn’t necessarily care too much about counties, but you probably care about the statistics part of it all.

You probably won’t be too shocked to know where the snow tends to fall the most here in the state, but can you guess where the most snow is?

Get ready and take the jacket. It’s about to get a little chilly.

Michigan’s 83 counties ranked by amount of snow per year

Have you ever wondered where the worst places in Michigan for snowfall are? What about places that aren’t so bad for snow? This could affect your next move… Since you won’t see lightning strike twice in the same place, we can’t promise you a lack of snow. We have Michigan’s 83 counties ranked in order, based on data collected over the years.

Where did your county rank on our list? Does it help a possible move somewhere in Michigan?

Look, I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying a good snowfall. However, I only want to see him there for a day or two, and then he just has to go.

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