The economic importance of real estate activities, and energy requalification

The economic sector of construction and real estate activities is increasingly important for the Italian economy, reaching 19.1% of national GDP.

This is the significant figure that emerges from the research “ Real estate services in Italy and in Europe ” promoted and carried out by Scenari Immobiliari in collaboration with the Innovation RE / Yard group.

The development of the sector, in recent years

Is quite similar to that of Spain, where growth has reached over 11% of the production system, while in the 1990s it was just 5%. The turnover of real estate services, which involves almost 240 thousand businesses and 300 thousand employees, is 37 billion euros, equal to 11.8% of the gross domestic product .

At European level, considering the top five main countries, the same value stands at around 367 billion euros ; the most important markets remain those of the United Kingdom and Germany, while Italy is obviously in the rear, leaving only Spain behind. If we consider the turnover per employee (270 thousand euros per employee in Germany and 256 thousand euros in France), our country shows a low efficiency in the sector .

In addition to data on real estate activities

Energy upgrading must also be considered, which is becoming increasingly significant over time, in particular to accelerate the outcome of sales.

Despite the energetic redevelopment of the Italian real estate patrimony is “a game still open”, something finally begins to move, in particular for the sales.

According to the survey published on, around 23% of homes for sale (and 13.7% of rented houses) belong to a medium-high energy range, ie category D or higher, and the half of the applicants turn to properties in this category, with a request that, in recent years, has seen a continuous increase.

Property manages to be sold in less time and at higher figures

Property manages to be sold in less time and at higher figures

A redeveloped property manages to be sold in less time and at higher figures , and obviously the will of the sellers is to improve the properties by making them more efficient.

For rents, on the other hand, the energy quality of homes is not yet in line with customer needs. Check out the details with the experts at Good Finance.

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