The Michigan State Capitol was one of the first fireproof buildings in America

There are all kinds of awe-inspiring structures to admire throughout the Great Lakes State, from the iconic Mackinac Bridge to the skyscrapers of Motor City. While each building has its own story, there is undeniably something special about the seat of our state’s government and legislative bodies. If you’re impressed by architecture and engineering, you’ll be fascinated by the history of the iconic State Capitol building, which has been hailed as a historic feat of engineering in Michigan.

For a more detailed look at the Michigan State Capitol, see its official site. Have you and your loved ones had the chance to visit this unique building on previous visits to Lansing? Is there another engineering feat in Michigan that we should cover in an upcoming article? Share your impressions with us by leaving a comment on Facebook, or take the time to fill out our nomination form.

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Address: Michigan State Capitol, 100 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI 48933, USA

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