This Michigan county has the oldest homes in the state

Every county has at least a few houses that were built long before the others. Older houses are usually easy to distinguish from newer constructions and are probably located on the same streets. Maybe these properties are historic sites that remain as they were decades ago, or maybe they’ve been revamped and turned into a popular city attraction. Either way, the oldest houses built in each state can tell you a lot about the area. The county in which the oldest homes were built is where Americans first settled in the state. These homes tell the story of what early life in Michigan was like based on the specific architecture and attributes they possess.

According to a list compiled by Stacker, Michigan’s oldest homes are located in Gogebic County. Stacker mentioned that the oldest homes in this county were built in 1955 or earlier.

Here is what Stacker had to say about compiling data to find where the oldest houses are:

“Stacker has compiled a list of counties in Ohio with the oldest homes using US Census Bureau data. Counties are ranked by median year the structure was built based on 2020 5-year estimates. Links are broken by the highest percentage of homes built before 1939.”

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