This Michigan town has the most ghost sightings in the state

Although many towns in Michigan have recently been decked out in spooky decorations for Halloween, your chances of seeing something truly spooky are highest in a specific town.

A website called, which generally provides Michigan-specific gambling information, recently ranked Michigan cities by the likelihood of seeing a ghost in each. To develop their hypothetical odds of sightings, they used to compile data on Michigan ghost sightings and determine the total number of sightings by city.

According to, your greatest chance of seeing a ghost is in Monroe.

The website projected that the probability of seeing a ghost in Monroe is 1.8% and the odds are +5,456. In total, the city had 48 sightings, with users reporting sightings to in a former downtown paper mill, the River Raisin National Battlefield Park, and the Mall of Monroe.

Check out the full list of Michigan’s top 10 ghost sightings by city below:

  • Monroe – 48 sightings.
  • Muskegon – 44 sightings.
  • Bay City – 43 sightings.
  • Saginaw – 32 sightings.
  • Paris – 30 sightings.
  • Oscoda – 28 sightings.
  • Jackson – 28 sightings.
  • Menominee – 27 sightings.
  • Taylor – 26 sightings.
  • Flint – 25 sightings.
  • Morenci – 25 sightings.
  • Port Huron 25 sightings.

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