Trey Simmons makes tough holds for Michigan City | NWI prepares football



As much as Mason asks these kinds of questions when Simmons is in the field, he already knows the answers.

Mason praised Simmons’ ability to anyone in the area who will listen to him. It’s no secret that Mason has high expectations for Simmons and these are expectations the primary receiver doesn’t shy away from.

“It pushes me even more when I hear that,” Simmons said. “I will keep driving more until I get there.”

Doing so can have a variety of meanings for Simmons. There’s this season – one where Wolves have lost three straight games to Chesterton, Valparaiso and Merrillville but still have enough time to turn the tide to make a deep playoff run.

“All week we’ve been talking about being a second half team,” Simmons said. “We have to keep playing late. “

Then there is the question of being successful in football beyond Michigan City. Simmons has yet to receive an offer to play college football and that does not suit Mason.

“I think he’s a MAC level kid,” Mason said. “I played in the Valley and I’m hoping we can get him to a state of Illinois or eastern Illinois because I think he’s going to be phenomenal. He can have that kind of career. He is long, strong and hard working.

Simmons will only see his numbers increase in stride as former starting quarterback Giovani Laurent moved in front of Simmons to provide a second vertical threat.


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