Your area code changes if you live in this Michigan city



A few Michigan area codes will see a change as we install the National Lifeline for Suicide Prevention. Just like 911, you will simply have to dial 988 and you will be connected to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Which Michigan area codes will change?

Four Michigan area codes will in fact change. These changing area codes will be 989, 906, 810 as well as 616. St. Johns, Michigan would be our closest neighbor to see the change.

There are 35 states with a total of 82 area codes which use 988 at all for seven digit dialing.

“To prepare for the implementation of a quick way to dial the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – using only 988 – these area codes should be upgraded to 10-digit dialing for all calls, including local calls, ”the Federal Communications Commission told the WSYM.

If you need to call a phone in one of these area codes, come on October 24, you will need to dial 10 digits for that number. In response, anyone who calls 988 will be directly connected to the National Suicide Prevent Lifeline.

This means that starting October 24, if you are calling from a line in one of these area codes, you must dial 10 digits so that the North American dial plan administrator can make sure that all calls to 988 are directed to the national network. Lifebuoy for suicide prevention.

When will this line be active?

The national suicide prevention lifeline is expected to go live on July 16, 2022.

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